Folkloric Music Concert

The concert was organized on 7th May 2015 with participation of local folkloric singers. Shawkat Ali Saboor, a well-known Hazaragi folkloric singer was one of the performers at this concert. Three more singers had the chance to perform at this concert.

 Afghanistan’s folkloric singers face multiple challenges. Even though the information and communication revolution has availed opportunities that can record and share art works, folkloric singers aren’t given extensive support. Afghanistan’s folkloric music-which is quit unique in terms of poems, instrument and style-is under threat of being forgotten.

 On the other hand, folkloric singers face destructive financial hardship which not only limits their ability to consistently work on their profession but also influences their living standard as well.

 The concert was organized with the motive to support one form of Afghanistan’s Folkloric Music-the Damboora- which is being played in central and northern parts of Afganistan. The concert was broadly appreciated thru social media channels and the by the viewers.



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