Burgeoning Singers’ Concert

Continuing the helping hand that Asia Culture House provided to artists, cultural activists and young musicians, 2nd musical program was organized on September 2015.

The musical program was organized both to support the young artists by providing them a platform and to make the day a special event for those who had participated in this program.

Unlike the previous musical program which was solely a folkloric one, this program was rather modern-even though a mixture of both. Forms of music and instruments in this program included Guitar, Dambora, Rap, Ghazal and etc.

Performers of this musical program were Nawid Wazha—Guitarist, Marzia—Guitarist, Mohsin Khawary—Rapist and Abdullah Mohammadi—Rapist. Beside the musical performances, poems were also recited.

A rather positive aspect of this program was that all performers were dressed in folkloric dresses-unique to central and eastern parts of Afghanistan.




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