Peace Campaign 1, Using Arts to Advocate for Peace

Youth Voice-5 Exhibition was dedicated to a campaign for peace with the logo of, “Peace and Human Rights; Yes, War and Violence; No”.  It was conducted jointly with “Woman and Life” organization on October seventh, 2015.

 It was a mixture of photo, painting and calligraphy exhibition and installations. Artworks portrayed ruins of war, of intolerance and widespread violent extremism in Afghan society. Beside the exhibition of artworks, participants of the exhibition were given blue shawls-assuming that blue is a symbol of water-of life and of peace.

 The exhibition was arbitrarily conducted in Darulaman Palace. For, the palace is a remarkable unity of two contradictive faces of human civilization; the face of war and destruction, the face of stability and construction. Even though more than 20 years have passed since the end of bloody civil war, Darulaman Palace still contains the wounds.

 The event was widely welcomed by arts and culture enthusiasts, peace campaigners and users of social media. Prior to opening of the exhibition, Mr Najeeb Farzad spoke about the motive to conduct the event, Ms Shazia Ashrafi-representative of Woman and Life Organization also briefed the audience.

 Watchman Darulaman Palace was also given the chance to speak, for, he has been the eyewitness of decades of war in Kabul, and the surroundings of Darulaman Palace.



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