Peace Campaign 2, Using Art to Advocate for Peace

Second round of peace campaign was rather different. It was, though organized in cooperation with Khatira Afarinan Cultural Agency. The campaign started by Graffiti on morning of 30th October 2015 and ended by kite-running on afternoon of that day.

  The graffiti was implemented on walls of 3rd District Police Station-with participation of trainees of Asia Culture House. At this stage, signs of peace and slogans that read, “We want peace”, “Peace isn’t only a dream” were painted at the walls.

 The 2nd round took place in Darulaman Palace. This stage of the campaign included, live paintings of captivated pigeons, letting free the captivated pigeons, running kites that were painted in blue with signs of peace and exhibiting art-works with peace theme.

2nd round of the campaign was arbitrarily conducted in Darulaman Palace. For, the palace is a remarkable unity of two contradictive faces of human civilization; the face of war and destruction, the face of stability and construction. Even though more than 20 years have passed since the end of bloody civil war, Darulaman Palace still contains the wounds

Civil Society Activists-that weren’t the organizers of the event, were also given chance of speaking to the participants and the government. The event was widely broadcasted by national and international media-treating it as a headline news. Among others, BBC Persian, Tolo News, Neegah TV, Rahe Farda and Aina can be named. 



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