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In the area of culture, Stockholm County Council objective is “Free culture that promotes experiences, encounters, education and participation“.

To achieve this, the County Council distributes funding to various organisations and projects active in Stockholm County. The significance of culture have been recognised in other sectors, such as healthcare, urban planning and regional development. The Future Plan for Health and Medical Care entails a unique investment in art and its possibilities in various healthcare environments. The Culture Administration is also responsible for ordering and buying art in connection with new construction and renovations, and caring for and conducting supervision of the County Council’s art holdings.

Many development projects initiated at the hospital New Karolinska Solna have inspired extensive international interest from urban planners and researchers and, not least, artists. This trend is in line with the internationalization process that increasingly characterises art and cultural life. Artistic quality is a prerequisite for this positive development. The Culture Committee prioritize activity and project support to children and young people with the aim of encouraging personal creation and self-reflection.

If you are interested in art commissions, you are recommended to register an account in the artist database Konstnärsbasen. On the Culture Administration’s newsroom at MyNewsDesk all open calls for assignments will be published, as well as the names of the artists nominated for the sketch assignments and art commissions. Read more at FAQ about art assignments.

Culture Administration – Kulturförvaltningen
VAT: 232100-0016





ABF-huset i centrala Stockholm är ett centrum för folkbildning och kultur. I våra lokaler möts människor för att lyssna, tänka efter och samtala.

Här pågår många av våra egna studiecirklar, kurser och föreläsningar i vitt skilda ämnen. Organisationer och företag genomför konferenser och mötesarrangemang.


Mumbai International Film Festival ( MIFF )

Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films

• The first ever International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films was held in the year 1990. The biennial festival is conducted with the active collaboration of Government of Maharashtra and the Indian Documentary Producers’ Association. The city of Mumbai is the permanent venue of the festival.

• MIFF is one of the most prestigious festival in the documentary, short and animation genre at par with International Film Festivals like Leipzig, Berlin, Oberhausen, Cracow and Tampere etc.

• Apart from the Competition Section, MIFF also holds:

1. Homage

2. Retrospective & Special Package

3. Open Forum & Seminar

4. Workshop

5. Master Class


A l’origine

En 1978, les autorités de la jeune république mozambicaine demandent à des cinéastes connus de venir filmer les mutations du pays. Jean Rouch propose, à la place, de former de futurs cinéastes locaux afin qu’ils puissent filmer leur propre réalité. Avec Jacques d’Arthuys, attaché culturel de l’Ambassade de France, ils constituent un atelier de formation au cinéma documentaire à la pédagogie toujours actuelle : l’enseignement par la pratique. Après cette première expérience, seront créés en 1981, les Ateliers Varan à Paris.

3rd Eye PJC Logo

The 3rd Eye photographers and filmmakers, in cooperation with our partners, strive to picture future-making struggles of the public and authorities, highlight positive experiences, build nice communication and introducing the best parts of the implemented projects and etc. We, through taking photo, making video and collecting stories, turn the useful memories and experiences of the people to the sweet lessons of reconstruction.


Bokhdi News Agency (BNA) is an independent and non-governmental agency established in 2009 under official license of the ministry of information and culture. BNA has been established by a group of Afghan journalists who had years of experience and expertise in the field of news, broadcasting and print media. BNA operates according to the constitution and press law of Afghanistan and Law prevailing in the country on its working agenda.

BNA disseminates full-text news announcements and media from companies and organizations worldwide to news media, financial markets, investors, information web sites, mobile devices, databases and other audiences.



Hazara People Everywhere in this World!
Hazara People website is not dependent to any individual, political party or government. It is an online community for Hazara people to defend Hazara’s rights.

Human rights activists, journalists and artists are welcome to submit article, stories and artistic works. We need also interested people to collect information about Hazara people.

Hazara People community website is non-profit and we cannot pay for submitted works.


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