Research opportunities abroad, A seminar in Kabul

Seminar on Studies and Research Opportunities Abroad

Asia Culture House organized a seminar on studies and research opportunities available for Afghan students. The seminar was conducted in Asia Culture House’s Afghanistan office in Kabul, on 20th February.

This seminar covered two particular scholarships for Afghan students, i.e. the DAAD and the Fulbright Scholarships and was presented by DAAD and Fulbright Alumni. Presenters of this seminar included  Latif Wahidy, Yosuf Warasta and Sharif Hasan who covered the Fulbright Scholarship along with Ahmad Ali Nabavi and Rahmat Batoor who covered the DAAD Scholarship. They provided thorough and comprehensive information about eligibility criteria, application procedures and deadlines for both the programs.

The seminar was part of the efforts of Asia Culture House in empowering youths and facilitating their entrance and acceptance for study opportunities abroad.

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