Sprinkling Rain

Khat-e-baranaak Role Play, Group music performance, poem reciting, song, Khat-e-Baranaak film screening,  Short story reading, post rain photo exhibition – slide show.

Sprinkling Rain was the one of the best programs that Asia Culture House conducted on March 13, for celebrating spring of Solar Year 1395. It included a drama, group instrumental music performance, songs, movie screening and photo exhibition.

The program commenced by a group instrumental music performance by Raihana Mohammadi, Hajar Haidari and Sohaila Rezayee. They played a calm music using guitars.

Music performance was then followed by a drama that that was entitled Khat-e-baranaak. Khat-e-Baranaak (Rainy Day’s Letter), is used by villagers in Afghanistan to celebrate First Rain of a year. They celebrate this day, by sending a letter to their relatives/friends’ house informing them about the rain, saying that “I am the first person informing you about the rain. Hence, you owe me a party”. If, however, they get caught, their face will be colored in black, which also means that the person himself/herself has to organize a compensating party. This drama was performed by Zainab Delijam and Sohaila Rezayee. Script of the drama was written by Jawad Yassa and was directed by Najib Farzad.

At the program, Zainab Saifi and Sohaila recited poems, while, Mahdi Rasikh and Hajar Haidari sang songs.

Khat-e-Baranaak movie – directed by Abdul Hakim Sorush was also screened in the program. It also included a exhibiting rainy days’ pictures, through a slide show.

Link for photos



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