Poetry Night Series

Asia Culture House has been organizing series of poetry nights entitled “Tamashay Jan der Yak Aser Shaerana”—which literally means (Watching the beloved one in a poetic evening) to support Afghan poets. Asia Culture House is committed to; hold cultural-artistic programs; take steps that contribute to the growth of culture in the society; promote linguistics in Afghanistan, by supporting young Afghan writers through facilitating networking among them and sharing their works with their audience. Below are list of events conducted as part of this series:

12th February, 2016
This event was organized on 12th February, 2016. Young artists recited their recent works in this program, which was facilitated by Mohammad Fidakar – Lecturer at Ghazni University. Abdul Wali Joya, Shazia Ashrafi, Mohammad Batoori, Hussain Ramish, Assadullah Mohsini and Habibullah Azimi recited their poems, after Mr Ehsan Batoor’s (Head of Literature’s Committee) inaugural speech. The program also had a mix of musical performances by Mahdi Rasikh. The program was widely welcomed by participants, some of whom, even participated voluntarily by reciting their own poems.

Poetry Night 24th April 2016
This program was held with the presence of more than 100 enthusiasts of poetry and arts and was warmly welcomed by the audience of art and culture. In this program well-known poets such as Mr. Mohammad Reza Mohammadi and Hadi Miran participated. They not only recited their poems but also praised ACH for holding such literary programs.

Zahra Yagana, Author of the Book “Light of Ashes” was another guest of the program. She read a small excerpt from her book in the program. The Light of Ashes is the work that this wonderful and persistent lady created and got published for the second time. Moreover, other poets such as Mohammad Baturi, Ehsanullah Ehsan, Mohammad Anvar Zafari, Ali Tohidi, Sahel Farzam, Jamshid Rahimi, Sabera Zareh and Abdol Sobor Hassan read their poems which added a delightful sense of meaning and beauty to View of Love in a Poetry Evening program. The breaks of this program was devoted to the artistic performance which Dawood Hedayat performed the folklore music, and Shegofa Kamali performed a new song so profoundly that tore a hole in the hearts of participants.

Poetry Night, 26th September, 2016

On Friday evening, 26th of September 2016, it was a pleasing and memorable day to bring the young poets together in this literary program. Everyone with a poem full of love and compassion gave beauty to the program. Many poets were invited to encourage other young poets. Ms. Taronum Saeedi, Mr. Hadi Miran. Mr. Mohammad Batori, Mo-hammad Anvar Zafari, Mr Saleh Ahmad Bassim, Shahr Far-zam, Ali Reza Difoloodi, Javad Yasah, Soheila Rezaei, Abdol Sabor Hassan, Baqer Haqjou and Abozar Hamnova were the poets who used their poems to make the environment so literary. The program was held outdoors, and the natural atmosphere and delightful sunset gave the program quite a scene.

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