Header ADFF

“ADFF” International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden

Where: Stockholm,

When: March 2017

Organizers: Asian Kulturhuset, KULTURFÖRVALTNINGEN, ABF Stockholm, Shahmama & Salsal riksförbund, Hazara International network and Afghansk kulturcenter i norra Sverige


ADFF is an International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden, with films from around Afghanistan by Afghan’s and films about Afghanistan by international filmmakers. Each year, the Festival presents a selection of cutting-edge documentaries about Afghanistan and it’s one of the most typical and anthropologist film festivals about Afghanistan, to introduce the young and new generation of filmmakers, as a platform to share the works of filmmakers, artists who have unfortunately been marginalized by the authority.  It will present stories of lives affected by war, discrimination, and injustice. These stories are of people who have resisted oppression and fought against violence to create a more human world.

Asian Kulturhuset is a non-profit organization takes all responsibilities of the festival to administrate with supports the other partner organizations.

We support the work of Afghans and international documentary filmmakers and to promote excellence in documentary production.


  • To advance and celebrate the art of documentary, and to showcase the work of and create production opportunities for documentary filmmakers.
  • To brings significant advantages for its work with displaced people and other conflict-affected communities especially Afghans who has big numbers of asylum seekers in Sweden.
  • To the valuable psychosocial role of spirituality and supportive faith networks in reinforcing people’s coping capacity that is often overlooked by the wider humanitarian community. This recognizes that material assistance is not enough and that people draw great emotional comfort and support from their faith and their faith community in times of hardship.
  • Addressing the needs of Afghan refugees in protracted displacement appears to require a distinctly development-oriented response, which can seem at odds with humanitarian activities. Bridging this gap between the humanitarian responses required to meet the immediate needs of Afghan refugees and the longer-term development requirements of these communities is one of the great challenges for international policymakers and assistance providers alike.
  • It is also important to communicate effectively about refugee response programs to host communities, local authorities and national governments to increase awareness of the importance of supporting long-standing Afghan refugees with interventions that promote improved levels of engagement and active participation, such as community-based livelihoods support.
  • To promote positive experiences among the Afghan communities, to learn modern knowledge of living, working, educating and caring Sweden as home. Because we believe that developing and promoting such new approaches to programming are essential to achieving a shift from care and maintenance to a more empowering and participatory package of assistance.


ADFF is a project, dedicated to advancing and celebrating the art of documentary with a specific subject, which is Afghanistan. The project showcases Afghan and international documentaries to the public and delivers professional development, market and network opportunities to documentary professionals through the presentation of an annual documentary festival and complimentary activities. 

ADFF, running every year in March and it will feature Afghan and international competitive programs, as an international documentary window to the markets.

Submission starts: March 2016

Deadline: 30 December 2016.

ADFF invites entries to the festival. The entries can be shorts and long documentary. Entry is open to all national and international entrants.


  • Best Documentary of Afghanistan.
  • Best female director.
  • Best human rights documentary.
  • Best international film about Afghanistan.
  • Best Severin Blanchet award which dedicated to French film teacher and director who been killed in Afghanistan. 

Our partners:

Academy of arts and cinematic science,  Shahmama & Salsal association, ABF huset, Varan Paris, 3rd Eye Film & Photojournalism Center, Bokhdi News Agency, Parnas Multimedia HB, Dari News Agency, Mumbai International Film Festival, Afghansk kulturcenter i norra Sverige, Fanos Association Gothenburg.

Funding organizations:  Asian Kulturhuset, kulturförvaltningen Stockholm Stad, ABF Stockholm

Sweden address:


Småbrukets Backe 31
141 58 Huddinge



Tel: +46 769564600




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