Kadbano Handicraft Exhibition Series

This series of exhibition is meant to support Afghan Women economically, women crafts culturally. This kind of exhibition has a great influence on the development and marketing of handicrafts and people become more interested in using indigenous products and try to use local handmade products instead of modern- fashion apparels. In the broadest sense, holding this exhibition means to support the intangible cultural heritage of the country.

June 25, 2017, First Exhibition of the series
This round of the exhibition was organized on June 25th, 2017, within Asia Culture House’s premises and lasted for one week. At the exhibition, around 100 handicraft products were showcased. Works belonged to 60 women and included fine hand embroidery of pillow cases, male and female cloths and hats.


August 3, 2017, Second Exhibition of the series
Asia Culture House organized a handicraft exhibition on Friday, August 3, 2017 entitled, KadBano Crafts. The exhibition included Afghan clothes, Hazaragi veil (Shall-e-shari) Afghani garment (female and male clothes), house decoration, and other items.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the exhibition highlighted the important achievements of the “Kodbano Exhibition”, by introducing new samples of handcrafts and selling some of these handicraft items. In the meantime, Abeda Mehrzad, one of the viewers of the exhibition, said that, there seems to be no concrete course of action for the development of women’s handicraft in the country but organizing such exhibitions and sponsoring hand working women, is an important factor in the growth of the country’s handicrafts.
She also mentioned that, the economy of a number of families is being financed by the sale of their handicraft products and they should be supported for their economic growth. She praised Asia Culture House for organizing such an exhibition.

Report By: Ahmad Shah Karimi


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