Publication of “Ghowghay Eshq”

Asia Culture House always tries to come up with unique programs to bring positive change in society and inspire others to join the journey and make a difference. An enduring example of its efforts is publishing the Novel of “Ghowghay Eshiq”, a novel written by Najib Farzad, the newly emerging storyteller. This love story is written in 256 pages in Persian and is published recently by Asia Culture House.

The novel was reviewed by Ms. Batol Haidari, Mr. Mehdi Zartosht and Mr. Haiderbegi. In an event organized in November 2017, the book was introduced to the readers during an event organized by Asia Culture House in which around 120 people participated. In this ceremony Mr. Asif Hamraz talked on behalf of the Asia Culture House and mentioned that the motive behind the publication of this book was to support and encourage young writers.

Later, Batol Haidari and Mahdi Zartosht university lecturers professionally critiqued the novel. Ms. Batol called the book a remarkable and memorable work and admired the writer’s efforts for writing the book. Then Najib Farzad, author of the book ended the program with heart-touching remarks. He walked the audience through the journey he had taken and the labors he had done to write and get the book published.

Further he added, following one’s heart may not be easy and the road will be filled with turns and twins, but as long as someone is committed then he/she can get anything done regardless of the difficulties and obstacles that come on the way during his/her course of action. He thanked Asia Culture House’s Team and other gifted friends who had encouraged him every step on the way to make his journey happen.

Report by: Ahmad Shah Karimi


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