Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition Series

Asia Culture House conducts Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition series to support young male and female artists by providing them:
1.      Platform to share their works,
2.    Facilitating for maximum exposure of their works,
The series of the exhibition also intends to motivate other youngsters to learn such hobbies, cherish life and make their voices heard and documented.

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-1
First series of Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition was conducted on 5th February 2015 and continued until 5th March 2015. 70 pieces of works by twelve artists were exhibited at this exhibition.

 Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-2
This exhibition was conducted in February 2015. More than 40 paintings were put to display for two consecutive weeks at Asia Culture House. They were portraits, miniature, installations, creative arts with sand and stones and newspapers.

 Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-3
At this event, around 70 works were put to display for a month. The exhibition started on 9th March 2015 and continued until 9th April 2015. Most of the paintings were works of those who had been trained within Asia Culture House itself. However, they were all dedicated to women, depicting their hopes, their social life, and the suffering they undergo in Afghan society.

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-4
This exhibition started on 2nd July. In total, 23 artists volunteered and submitted their works to the selection committee. 53 artworks were selected for the exhibition and were put to display at this exhibition. Daily life, portraits, women, and children were some themes of the artworks.

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-5
YVAE-5 was organized in Kabul’s Darulaman Palace, on 7th October 2015. Works included, among others, paintings and morels and every one of them conveyed the message of peace and the hatred of war. The exhibition was arbitrarily conducted in Darulaman Palace. For, the palace is a remarkable unity of two contradictive faces of human civilization; the face of war and destruction, the face of stability and construction. Even though more than 20 years have passed since the end of the bloody civil war, Darulaman Palace still contains the wounds.

 Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-6
 This event was dedicated to paintings and caricatures of Farhad Farzad—a young painter and caricaturist. Asia Culture House had an extraordinary experience of his cooperation for almost a year. Around 45 works of Farhad were put to display and was exhibited for two weeks-starting from Nov 6th to Nov 18, 2015.

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-7
This exhibition was dedicated to paintings of 6 female painters. 35 artworks by a team of young female artists comprising of Mina Batoor, Samana Ahmadi,  Raihana Mohammadi, Khadija Rahimi, Zainab Mohammadi, Zakera Honar Afarin were exhibited.  Asia Culture House held it in its own gallery in the 13th District of Kabul, on 25th December 2015. The exhibition was also enriched by Marzia Mohajir’s guitar play.

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition-8
YVAE 8 was dedicated to Yalda Yaqobi’s artworks. The exhibition took was conducted on 22nd January 2016. Yalda Yaqubi is a young painter who started painting in Quetta—Pakistan and has pursued it passionately, ever since. This exhibition was first of its kind for her.


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