Driving Social Change Through Art and Culture: Asia Culture House, Afghanistan

Our friend Atharva Mehendale, Community Project Manager, URI-North India & Afghanistan took the opportunity to write the following note about Asia Culture House and its partnership with URI.

“Active collaborations and partnerships with organisations in Afghanistan and beyond have helped Asia Culture House organise street art festivals, seminars, conferences and other events in Afghanistan since 2015. It promotes strengthening of democratic values, supporting tourism and crafts, fostering gender equality and empowering the vulnerable through a number of its activities.The organization associated with URI in 2016. This association gave representatives of Asia Culture House the opportunity to travel to India and network with a group of organizations and individuals working in the social sphere – in India and other parts of South Asia. This facilitated the exchange of ideas, resources and knowledge. Similar to what URI does, Asia Culture House has also been working towards creating a network for inter-organizational collaboration. These efforts are being made with the aim of increasing efficiency of art activism in the country”.

We invite you to read the full note in the following address:



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