UN75 Artists’ Perspective; Envisioning a Secular, Peaceful and Developed Afghanistan

The UN75 artists dialogue was designed to bring together and support artists to share their perception of the present, their aspirations for future and role of the United Nations in realizing those aspirations. Inputs of the dialogue is being summarized and shared here to highlight the role of the United Nations in Afghanistan.

Asia Culture House organized the dialogue in Kabul, on 15th May 2020. Asia Culture House thanks Ahmad Ali Fakhri of the UNDP Kabul Office for volunteering to moderate this round of the dialogue.

The dialogue was structured to (and) gain (ed) insights on the following;

a) to better recover from the pandemic, the international community should:

  • provide emergency medications,
  • training the healthcare providers,
  • monitoring health and humanitarian aid,
  • prioritize the riskiest communities,

b) people in 2045 will be:

  • better off, because
  • they will have more opportunities,
  • of technological advancements,
  • the United Nations is committed to support the Afghan government,

c) [artists] envision a 2045 and an Afghanistan that:

  • is peaceful, progressive and with more job opportunities,
  • avails the opportunity to visit other countries, share their experiences, learn new skills and produce new artworks,
  • ensures a right to live with no fear, right to believe, to respect and to love,
  • is marked with separation of religion from politics

c) challenges ahead are

  • security,
  • poverty,
  • corruption,
  • illiteracy,
  • immigration

d) global cooperation and the UN can better help remove the obstacles if they:

  • support the individual government in maintaining security and safety to the citizens,
  • expand their development and infrastructural projects, and create job opportunities,
  • monitor all the projects,
  • increase public awareness programs into all aspects of lives including arts and cultures,
  • help government and communities to fight against corruption,
  • develop their future plans based on the prime needs of communities
  • mobilize resources and invest on education,

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