Rethinking Income Inequality

Date: Friday 9 October 2020
Time: 10:00 am- 12:00 pm, Kabul time
Platform: Zoom
As you await to join the dialogue, please fill this survey:

We are organizing a webinar with economists and student researchers to discuss income inequality. Participants will talk about the future and what it holds, what needs to be done now to reach the future, and how the United Nations can restructure itself to be more helpful.

The event will last about 120 minutes and will be done virtually. Each panelist will have between 6 to 10 minutes to share their ideas. This webinar can only accommodate up to 90 attendees and 10 panelists. If you are interested to participate, please RSVP using the following form:

The following is a preliminary list of guest speakers/panelists:

1. Mohammad Fidakar: Assistant Professor, Economics Faculty, Ghazni University
2. Atefa Emran: Assistant Professor, Economics Faculty, Baghlan University
3. Jandad Jahani: Assistant Professor, Paktia University
4. Saeda Najafizada: Researcher, China in MENA
5. Mahdi Frough: Health Economist, the World Bank Group
6. Sapna Goel, PhD candidate, South Asian University
7. Reza Ehsan, PhD candidate, South Asian University
8. Mahdi Gowhari, Entrepreneur
9. Mohammad Shafiq Yousifzai, Advisor, the Afghanistan Bank

About the UN75 surveys and dialogues:
The UN75 dialogues and survey in Afghanistan is being implemented by Asia Culture House. We will organize around 25 dialogues, virtually and in person. If you wish to attend future dialogues, follow our social media page.


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