On October 22th, 2020, we organized a webinar with medical professionals to discuss how to support at-risk communities during the Covid-19 pandemic. Panelists discussed the future and what it contains, what we need to do now to create healthier communities, and what role the United Nations can play.

While we all have suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic, some of us have multiple hardships. It is essential to know how different populations have been affected so that organizations can prioritize supporting them.

The webinar is part of a series of global consultations that the United Nation’s Secretary-General has launched for its 75th anniversary. This consultation will continue until the end of 2020.

We thank the following distinguished panelists for their participation in the webinar and their unique insights:

  1. Abdul Hadi Saleh, Technical Officer, the Afghan Red Crescent Society
  2. Mahfuzollah Sultani, Manager, Forensic Medicine, Badakhshan province
  3. Dr. Rohullah Mohammadi, Dentist, Emam-e-Zaman Clinic
  4. Naim Farzad, microbiology graduate
  5. Mahdavi Joya, Professor, Kabul Medical University
  6. Hussain Sultanfar, Eye Specialist at the Kabul Noor Eye Hospital
  7. Ali Khan Ehsani, Pediatric General Surgeon at the Herat Regional Medical Center
  8. Ahmad Ali Afzali, Professor at the Kateb University
  9. Dr. Sayed Bashir Hashimi, Assistant Professor Zawul University

For detailed report of the discussion, please read the following document:

To watch a recorded video for the dialogue, please visit the following link:


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