UN75 Artists’ Perspective; Envisioning a Secular, Peaceful and Developed Afghanistan

The UN75 artists dialogue was designed to bring together and support artists to share their perception of the present, their aspirations for future and role of the United Nations in realizing those aspirations. Inputs of the dialogue is being summarized and shared here to highlight the role of the United Nations in Afghanistan. Asia Culture... Continue Reading →

Driving Social Change Through Art and Culture: Asia Culture House, Afghanistan

Our friend Atharva Mehendale, Community Project Manager, URI-North India & Afghanistan took the opportunity to write the following note about Asia Culture House and its partnership with URI. "Active collaborations and partnerships with organisations in Afghanistan and beyond have helped Asia Culture House organise street art festivals, seminars, conferences and other events in Afghanistan since 2015.... Continue Reading →

Parwaaz Painting Festival 10-15 March 2018

Parwaaz Painting Festival was an painting festival in Afghanistan that was funded by United Nations and was successfully implemented by Asia Culture House in 2018. The project was designed and started on 1sth February and finished on 30th March. The main motive behind initiating this festival was to highlight the “Positive Role of Women in... Continue Reading →

Peace Campaign 2, Using Art to Advocate for Peace

Second round of peace campaign was rather different. It was, though organized in cooperation with Khatira Afarinan Cultural Agency. The campaign started by Graffiti on morning of 30th October 2015 and ended by kite-running on afternoon of that day.   The graffiti was implemented on walls of 3rd District Police Station-with participation of trainees of Asia... Continue Reading →

Peace Campaign 1, Using Arts to Advocate for Peace

Youth Voice-5 Exhibition was dedicated to a campaign for peace with the logo of, “Peace and Human Rights; Yes, War and Violence; No”.  It was conducted jointly with “Woman and Life” organization on October seventh, 2015.  It was a mixture of photo, painting and calligraphy exhibition and installations. Artworks portrayed ruins of war, of intolerance... Continue Reading →

Burgeoning Singers’ Concert

Continuing the helping hand that Asia Culture House provided to artists, cultural activists and young musicians, 2nd musical program was organized on September 2015. The musical program was organized both to support the young artists by providing them a platform and to make the day a special event for those who had participated in this... Continue Reading →

International Youths’ Day

Asia Culture House celebrated International Youths Day by a cultural event on 13th August, 2015. The function was organized in Asia Culture House’s exhibition hall in Kabul and was widely appreciated by the audience. The event was inaugurated with a music performance by a young guitarist. It was then followed by a speech by Abbas... Continue Reading →

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Baserad på hennes egen grafiska roman med samma titel, är A Girl Who Walks Home Alone At Night regissören Ana Lily Amirpours långfilmsdebut. Filmen rosades vid sin premiär på Sundance Film Festival av en enad kritikerkår, och har sedan dess vunnit flertalet priser. Världens första iranska vampyr-western kombinerar spänningen hos Sergio Leone med surrealismen hos... Continue Reading →

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