Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition Series

Asia Culture House conducts Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition series to support young male and female artists by providing them: 1.      Platform to share their works, 2.    Facilitating for maximum exposure of their works, The series of the exhibition also intends to motivate other youngsters to learn such hobbies, cherish life and make their voices... Continue Reading →

Color and Music

Color and Music was a painting exhibition that Asia Culture House’s Afghanistan Office organized on 29th April, in its gallery. The program included musical performance, poem reciting and short-story reading as well. The exhibition was very much appreciated by visitors and participants. Art works, included miniature, oil painting and color pencil, and all were works... Continue Reading →

Join to global campaign calling for culture to be included to the post 2015 sustainable development goals

Declaration We believe that culture is both a driver and enabler of sustainable development and that the explicit inclusion of targets and indicators for culture in the Sustainable Development Goals will enable transformative change. Why It is Important? Global expenditure on development over the next 15 years will be defined by the final goal document... Continue Reading →

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