From a happy actress to Love Marriage in Kabul

  International Afghan Documentary Film Festival (IADFF) in Sweden presents a yearly selection of cutting-edge documentaries about Afghanistan. These films are mirroring the typical life of Afghanistan through the anthropological eyes of Afghan and international filmmakers. This year the Festival was held in five categories and The winners are: Best Documentary of Afghanistan “A journey... Continue Reading →

چهارمین دور جشنواره بین المللی مستند افغانستان

هرزمانی بخواهیم فیلمی مستندی از افغانستان ببینیم، سراغ رسانه های بین المللی میرویم که هر روز خبر از تلخ ترین اتفاق های افغانستان را در قالب مستند یا گزارش تحقیقی منتشر میکند. ما به یک منبع مفید و قابل درک دسترسی نداریم و یا با پراگندگی در سینمای افغانستان و مخصوصا در قسمت نشر و... Continue Reading →


“ADFF” International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden Where: Stockholm, When: March 2017 Organizers: Asian Kulturhuset, KULTURFÖRVALTNINGEN, ABF Stockholm, Shahmama & Salsal riksförbund, Hazara International network and Afghansk kulturcenter i norra Sverige Why ADFF? ADFF is an International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden, with films from around Afghanistan by Afghan’s and films about Afghanistan by international filmmakers. Each... Continue Reading →

Poetry Night Series

Asia Culture House has been organizing series of poetry nights entitled “Tamashay Jan der Yak Aser Shaerana”—which literally means (Watching the beloved one in a poetic evening) to support Afghan poets. Asia Culture House is committed to; hold cultural-artistic programs; take steps that contribute to the growth of culture in the society; promote linguistics in... Continue Reading →

International Film Business Awards 2016

Initiated in association IFM, the most applauded film business accolade, International Film Business Awards (IFBA) is back with its second edition. The awards not only honors the commitment, passion and excellence of distinct film personalities; but it also recognizes the honchos of film trade industry including film marketers, distributors, production houses and exhibitors who equally... Continue Reading →

Color and Music

Color and Music was a painting exhibition that Asia Culture House’s Afghanistan Office organized on 29th April, in its gallery. The program included musical performance, poem reciting and short-story reading as well. The exhibition was very much appreciated by visitors and participants. Art works, included miniature, oil painting and color pencil, and all were works... Continue Reading →

Sprinkling Rain

Khat-e-baranaak Role Play, Group music performance, poem reciting, song, Khat-e-Baranaak film screening,  Short story reading, post rain photo exhibition – slide show. Sprinkling Rain was the one of the best programs that Asia Culture House conducted on March 13, for celebrating spring of Solar Year 1395. It included a drama, group instrumental music performance, songs,... Continue Reading →

Research opportunities abroad, A seminar in Kabul

Seminar on Studies and Research Opportunities Abroad Asia Culture House organized a seminar on studies and research opportunities available for Afghan students. The seminar was conducted in Asia Culture House’s Afghanistan office in Kabul, on 20th February. This seminar covered two particular scholarships for Afghan students, i.e. the DAAD and the Fulbright Scholarships and was... Continue Reading →

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