Parwaz Painting Festival

Asia Culture House will organize Parwaz Painting Festival to celebrate 8th March, International Women's Day. This project is being funded by United Nations Development Program and will be implemented during March-April 2018. Through the project, nation-wide painters will submit their works that shed light on women's life in Afghanistan. A jury of qualified artists will... Continue Reading →

Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition Series

Asia Culture House conducts Youth Voice Artistic Exhibition series to support young male and female artists by providing them: 1.      Platform to share their works, 2.    Facilitating for maximum exposure of their works, The series of the exhibition also intends to motivate other youngsters to learn such hobbies, cherish life and make their voices... Continue Reading →

Publication of “Ghowghay Eshq”

Asia Culture House always tries to come up with unique programs to bring positive change in society and inspire others to join the journey and make a difference. An enduring example of its efforts is publishing the Novel of “Ghowghay Eshiq”, a novel written by Najib Farzad, the newly emerging storyteller. This love story is... Continue Reading →

Afghan Youth Voice Festival

Asia Culture House in association with Afghanistan Youth Cultural and Art Organization implemented the 7th Afghan Youth Voice Festival in Panjsher city, from March to August 2017. It was a social media festival and the objective was to empower the youths. Afghan Youth Voice Festival is a social media festival which is being implemented every... Continue Reading →

Kadbano Handicraft Exhibition Series

This series of exhibition is meant to support Afghan Women economically, women crafts culturally. This kind of exhibition has a great influence on the development and marketing of handicrafts and people become more interested in using indigenous products and try to use local handmade products instead of modern- fashion apparels. In the broadest sense, holding... Continue Reading →

From a happy actress to Love Marriage in Kabul

  International Afghan Documentary Film Festival (IADFF) in Sweden presents a yearly selection of cutting-edge documentaries about Afghanistan. These films are mirroring the typical life of Afghanistan through the anthropological eyes of Afghan and international filmmakers. This year the Festival was held in five categories and The winners are: Best Documentary of Afghanistan “A journey... Continue Reading →

چهارمین دور جشنواره بین المللی مستند افغانستان

هرزمانی بخواهیم فیلمی مستندی از افغانستان ببینیم، سراغ رسانه های بین المللی میرویم که هر روز خبر از تلخ ترین اتفاق های افغانستان را در قالب مستند یا گزارش تحقیقی منتشر میکند. ما به یک منبع مفید و قابل درک دسترسی نداریم و یا با پراگندگی در سینمای افغانستان و مخصوصا در قسمت نشر و... Continue Reading →


“ADFF” International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden Where: Stockholm, When: March 2017 Organizers: Asian Kulturhuset, KULTURFÖRVALTNINGEN, ABF Stockholm, Shahmama & Salsal riksförbund, Hazara International network and Afghansk kulturcenter i norra Sverige Why ADFF? ADFF is an International Afghan Documentary Festival in Sweden, with films from around Afghanistan by Afghan’s and films about Afghanistan by international filmmakers. Each... Continue Reading →

Poetry Night Series

Asia Culture House has been organizing series of poetry nights entitled “Tamashay Jan der Yak Aser Shaerana”—which literally means (Watching the beloved one in a poetic evening) to support Afghan poets. Asia Culture House is committed to; hold cultural-artistic programs; take steps that contribute to the growth of culture in the society; promote linguistics in... Continue Reading →

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